Next week marks the annual National Small Business week that is run by the U.S. Small Business Association. Kicking off May 5th – 11th, the event that has been recognized for more than 50 years will highlight the impact being made to the country’s economy by today’s small business owners, entrepreneurs and other key professionals across all 50 states. Set to be stationed out of Washington D.C. this year, there will be a series of sessions, speakers and award ceremonies that honor those in the SMB community helping to create change.

The organizations in this network are defined as those businesses with 500 or less employees and can span from companies that support local markets, national and even global industries. Regardless of their size, the Small Business Association reports that nearly half of all Americans work for small businesses, a critical component and major contributor to the strength of our nation’s economy. Whether through local, owner operated businesses to those supporting the flow of goods and services across the country and world, there are over 30 million small businesses across the U.S. alone. The influence these organizations have on our national and global markets is a point the Small Business Associate reflects to be critical towards maintaining our economic competitiveness now and in the future.

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