Marcus Hiles certainly goes an extra mile when it comes to environmental initiatives than what’s required in his projects. A case in point is his company’s tree plantations every year that has improved the quantity of tree coverage a lot more than the pre-development levels. Marcus Hiles knows that environmental preservation is beneficial to both occupants in the neighborhood and the planet. “All the 3,000 woods we planted last year takes care of significantly more than 45 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and impurities while also releasing oxygen,” he says. Furthermore, Hiles also ensures that natural foliage is protected, like the many 100-year-old oak woods that grow in a park beside one Western Rim site. Our ambitious target is to decrease carbon emissions by significantly more than 500,000 metric tons throughout the next decade,” he remarks. “Also, we’ll manage to offer energy savings for the occupants and make sustainable, booming communities.”

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