Both internally and externally, Marcus Hiles’ communities are thoughtfully constructed with the highest quality materials in order to be eco-friendly and visually stunning. Roofs and attics are stocked with reflective, radiant TechShield® barriers which reduce heat transfer by up to 97 percent, while lowering indoor temperatures by thirty degrees or more during the hottest summer months. Inside the living spaces, high-density weather stripping and dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas and a solar heat gain coefficient of at least 0.22 take climate control up another notch, protecting units from the elements. Air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 16 or more are the only ones used across the communities, controlled by programmable thermostats allowing residents to use up to 30 percent less energy, cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. By maintaining standards high above industry averages, Hiles and Western Rim deliver comfort in the most polarized weather conditions, guaranteeing a respectful, mutually beneficial relationship with the environment – carbon emissions have been lowered by 32,000 tons across at 10,000 properties.

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