When asked what their secret for success is they often would say – just give. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are proponents of the art of giving and have dedicated their entire lives to giving their time and money to worthy charities and projects particularly in the state of Texas.

Giving their time

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are always willing to give their time to their various charities and pet projects. They consistently attend charity functions despite their very busy schedules. They even have time to lecture kids and act as mentors and career coaches to them. They seem willing to commit themselves to worthy projects in the state of Texas.

Sheltering the homeless

In the cities of Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have set out to cater for the homeless and have done so by been on the ground in most cases talking to the homeless and offering some relief on the spot. They have been truly an inspiration for the people of the state of Texas.

Educational uplift

With Western Rims Properties up and running and the business doing well, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have invested millions of dollars in improving the infrastructure of schools and colleges in the state of Texas. Libraries and science labs have been modified to world class standards and educational grants, scholarships and student sponsorships are a constant theme for the Hiles. They also support educational competitions and research projects in Universities across the state.

Healthcare support

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are fully in support of improving the health of the people of Texas and have consistently provided their financial backing to various health care schemes. They have helped in supporting primary healthcare and have also invested in several medical researches.

Affordable luxurious homes

Western Rims Properties primary ambition is to provide cost effective luxurious homes to the people of the state of Texas. It is a vision that they have dedicated themselves to realizing without compromise. With different types of structures available to prospective buyers, they have provided a home for every intending home owner and each building is equipped with relative amenities and luxuriously designed.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are truly committed to giving, it’s a passion of theirs and one that they appear to always love doing and never seem to get tired of.